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Portsmouth Police Department

Portsmouth Police Department

Project Summary

Services: IT

Portsmouth Police Department (PPD) had a problem maintaining reliable IT support for all areas of their infrastructure. They had no money in their budget to hire the personnel they truly needed to match the level of technology they functioned at. In the past, they had tried others firms, but for the most part, the administration fell on the shoulders of one of the uniformed officers. While the officer did a tremendous job with the things that were in his scope, more and more there were items falling out of the range of his abilities. And further, each hour he was tending to IT issues was an hour away from seeing to law enforcement and task force issues in the city. With several servers and vehicles with mobile data terminals (MDTs), they needed a company that had a wide-range of abilities to see to each facet of their infrastructure while not costing them what a full time person or persons would.


PPD utilized several advanced technologies such as Exchange, Active Directory, VPN, 2 factor Authentication, RDS, and others. At the level they need these technologies to function and the security level they have to function would require persons with experience and specialization in each area.

Because the PPD maintains their own dispatch infrastructure, uptime and response time were of the utmost priority. Any services rendered would have to focus on maintaining a 99.99% uptime of all MDTs, servers, dispatching workstations, internet access, and access to LEADS.

All of the above requirements came with the stipulation of a very limited IT maintenance and service budget. As with most municipalities, the PPD was not immune to budget woes and rightly spent their dollars towards improving public safety and diligently increasing their ability to serve the community.


By using our Managed Services Contract model, we were able to give the PPD the answer to all the missing pieces to their IT issues. Using us in a capacity that turns our entire company into one resource for them meant they had specialists to see to all areas of their infrastructure in one location.

We modeled our contract in such a way that it’s a fixed monthly fee for a 12 month period, which means they can budget what they’re going to spend on IT services for the whole year. Not only that, they get all the areas of IT they need covered under one cost and not have the hassle of hiring someone, but then still needing help when something falls outside of that individual’s scope. With this, they have someone that can respond anytime, 24 hours a day. Plus, it doesn’t put a further strain of the costs associated with an employee on an already taxed budget. It’s like having an employee that never takes sick time or vacation.


PPD has had very little downtime due to service or department related equipment issues. With our assistance, they were even able to recover from a catastrophic, antiquated complete server failure within only 24 hours. Following, we’ve taken steps to ensure redundancy of server infrastructure to minimize server downtime. Both of those projects would have cost them a great deal in labor if they had to pay hourly or project-based rates to get them done.

Officers are able to get assistance with their MDT issues 24 hours a day, even if an engineer has to go to site. This holds true for their dispatch office as well.

Through a combination of remote, telephone, and on-site assistance, we have been able to tackle their problems as they arise. Our proactive approach to service and maintenance has even staved off many issues before they become problematic.