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Ohio Valley Physicians

Ohio Valley Physicians

Project Summary

Services: IT, Marketing

Ohio Valley Physicians (OVP) needed to make a change to the way their IT services were delivered. In the past, they had used other provider’s contract methods and most recently had an on staff IT person. What they had found was that other providers were far too expensive and on staff IT people didn’t possess a total skillset to fill all their needs. So not only did they have the cost and overhead of the IT staff person, but still had to engage other vendors to get cabling and advanced IT issues resolved. The CEO knew they needed a better solution.

Also, OVP was looking for ways to increase their number of patients at their medical care facility in Inez, KY, the Martin County After Hours Clinic. Finding the correct marketing solution(s), especially in a smaller community where there is not much in the way of market research and no dominating media, takes time, which is something the CEO didn’t have time for, so he turned to our new marketing services to do the leg work and give him an informed recommendation.



Since OVP had several different locations in several different states, there was a lot of IT inventory to maintain and document. Much of that documentation wasn’t up to date. Also, while doing inventories, we found several instances of improperly installed software that would have to be dealt it.

Previous providers and staff had given the CEO a false sense of security in that his infrastructure was stable and up to date. Their VOIP equipment was 10 years old, which is far past the typical life span on a computer-based solution. Much of the network equipment was old and was home consumer grade type devices.


The relatively new clinic would have to go up against longer established clinics in the area including a nearby emergency room in a Prestonsburg, KY hospital, and the CEO’s desire for growth on a relatively small budget made choosing the correct media critical. There was also the need to establish the ties with the community.



By using our Managed Services Contract model, we were able to give the JSF the answer to all the missing pieces to their IT issues. Using us in a capacity that turns our entire company into one resource for them meant they had specialists to see to all areas of their infrastructure in one location.

We modeled our contract in such a way that it’s a fixed monthly fee for a 12 month period, which means they can budget what they’re going to spend on IT services for the whole year. Not only that, they get all the areas of IT they need covered under one cost and not have the hassle of hiring someone, but then still needing help when something falls outside of that individual’s scope. With this, they have someone that can respond anytime, 24 hours a day. Plus, it doesn’t put a further strain of the costs associated with an employee on an already taxed budget. It’s like having an employee that never takes sick time or vacation.

We replaced much of the equipment and licensing that was in question. We implemented spam filtering technology to help weed out spam and virus related emails. While it wasn’t in the budget to replace the aging VOIP equipment, we formed a partnership with a company that can get us parts for their current system to ensure that replacements are always just 24 hours away.


A consistent marketing campaign was put together utilizing a well-priced billboard on a main road through the town not far from the clinic that would be in that position long term and choosing a country radio station that had mass appeal and was popular in the surrounding area.

Initially, the billboard went up coinciding with a 2-week radio campaign that focused on afternoon and evening drive. After the initial 2-week campaign, a 12-week sponsorship of a drive home feature was implemented along with a web banner. This sponsorship continued through the spring, ended in June and picked back up again at the end of August for another 12-week run (minimum).

Also, to help create local ties, the Martin County After Hours Clinic has sponsored radio broadcasts for Sheldon Clark High School Basketball, Tolsia High School Basketball, and Mingo Central Football. Signage has also been purchased on the Sheldon Clark Football Field and in their football program.



OVP’s technology assets and data are now well protected and maintained. Downtime has been reduced as issues are dealt with promptly. Our ability to perform remote assistance means that many issues can be dealt with without personnel having to wait for someone to come to site. This is especially important since OVP has resources in 3 different states and when technology issues arise, it is necessary to deal with them immediately.

Our contract gives OVP an IT staff without having to spend what it would cost to have someone onsite. The method in which we deliver the contract means that they can budget their IT services costs without any surprises. They have the support they need for the technology they have, and the technology they’ll need for the future.

Because of the principles we’ve incorporated, their business is now much more efficient and their data is backed up and safe. We were even able to help them recover from a catastrophic phone system failure by having them back up within 24 hours, even though they are running older technology. We assisting with their voice service costs and helped them secure a contract that saves them over $800 a month over what they were previously paying on their phone bills.


Patient numbers grew slightly in the spring, but as the fall campaign kicked in, they rose significantly, with a record number of patients being seen in September. Their Martin County clinic is now set to have the best year it’s ever had since it started operation.