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Kentucky Electric Steel

Kentucky Electric Steel

Project Summary

Services: Web and Application Development

Kentucky Electric Steel (KES) found that their website was no longer adequate to meet the growing technical needs of their client base. Many of their competitors were offering website services that KES did not. KES did not offer the ability for clients to review order status, reprint invoices, reprint bills of lading, etc. Also, there was not a seamless way to keep dynamic information like the rolling schedule up to date.


The server that housed all of the information we needed to gain access to for this project was not Windows friendly, much less web friendly. The environment we had to host the site in was Microsoft at KES’ request.

With no hardware or software budget beyond the development of the site, we had to work within the confines of the current infrastructure. The speed of the network made the level of communication we needed between servers problematic. Further hindering us was the internet upload speed.


Using cutting edge development principles and technologies, our developers were able to mine the data out of the old server and put it into a database format that would make accessing the data from the website and controlling said access much easier. The mining was set on a schedule as to not overburden the old server and not further burden the aging network, but makes sure that clients always have access to the most current information in a timely manner.

A user system and web application was created and designed in such a manner that it allowed users to pull up account information pertinent to them. It further allowed users that had multiple account numbers to access all those accounts from a single login.

We created a minimalistic front end of the website that greatly reduced the amount of data pulled when the site was visited. This design was done with the limited bandwidth in mind.


KES now has a website that is a great repository of information for their clients. The web infrastructure we built for them even lays the ground work for online ordering and other advanced functionality down the road. None of that would have been available on their current server platform without the web based systems we designed.

Also, they have a site that is a pleasant user experience, even across a slow connection. Further, the site can easily be updated with new rolling schedules and other general information items that are relevant to KES’ clients.