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City Of Greenup

City of Greenup

Project Summary

Services: IT, Web Design, and Application Development

The City of Greenup presented to us with several technology needs. They had no IT support, no website, and their water department needed a better solution for processing their service requests. This environment was costing them a lot in lost productivity and no centralized way to manage their assets meant that technology was not getting utilized to its fullest potential and not all data was being protected from loss.



We had to get a handle on all of their assets, passwords, and what function each asset performed. This was difficult because the lack of previous IT support meant nothing was documented, and when dealing with a municipality, you’re talking about multiple locations and employees. Greenup owns and operates their own water plant, so there are assets to be considered that you wouldn’t have in your typical small municipality.

Once all the assets were identified, we had to start the process of determining what data was important to the daily operation of the city and whose system it was on and develop backup and disaster recovery plans.


With no current site, everything was going to have to be envisioned and created from scratch. Content can be one of the biggest challenges of any website project and Greenup was no exception. An already overworked staff had little time to help with information and content for us to put on the site. Their focus was, rightfully so, the good citizens of Greenup who mostly pay their bills at city hall. In that statement is found another challenge, the city wanted to incorporate a bill pay system that was user friendly and easy for their citizens to navigate and trust with their financial information.


The way employees were used to processing paper work orders was something they were very comfortable with. Sometimes, breaking traditions can be a daunting task especially when the benefits of changing the way you do something are not seen until you actually make the change.



By using our Managed Services Contract model, we were able to give the City of Greenup the answer to all the missing pieces to their IT issues. Using us in a capacity that turns our entire company into one resource for them meant they had specialists to see to all areas of their infrastructure in one location.

We modeled our contract in such a way that it’s a fixed monthly fee for a 12 month period, which means they can budget what they’re going to spend on IT services for the whole year. Not only that, they get all the areas of IT they need covered under one cost and not have the hassle of hiring someone, but then still needing help when something falls outside of that individual’s scope. With this, they have someone that can respond anytime, 24 hours a day. Plus, it doesn’t put a further strain of the costs associated with an employee on an already taxed budget. It’s like having an employee that never takes sick time or vacation.


Our team did all the research regarding the city and its history. We put together content based upon the amazing events and attractions that Greenup has right within their own borders or just a stone’s throw away. Using modern web design technologies, we created a responsive, eye-catching design that really brings out what’s best about the City of Greenup.

We created an events calendar to keep the citizens apprised of things happening in the community and added the bill pay feature that will save the taxpayers money by lessening the burden on resources at city hall and save the citizens time by allowing them to pay their municipal fees from the comfort of their own home.


We created a web based admin panel where designated employees could input work orders as they were reported by the public. Securely, and from anywhere, work orders could be created, assigned, reviewed, and archived. This gives the city a searchable, online record of all work orders processed by the water department.

The field employees had an assortment of IOS and Android devices, so we created smartphones apps for both phone types. These apps allowed the employees to receive the work orders as push notifications. While performing the service, the employees can changes the status of the work order, add notes, and access information about the customer’s location and see past work orders.



The city’s technology assets and data are now well protected and maintained. Downtime has been reduced as issues are dealt with promptly. Our ability to perform remote assistance means that many issues can be dealt with without personnel having to wait for someone to come to site.

Our contract gives the city an IT staff without having to spend what it would cost to have someone onsite. The method in which we deliver the contract means that they can budget their IT services costs without any surprises. They have the support they need for the technology they have, and the technology they’ll need for the future.


Greenup has now come from having no web presence, to having site built with the latest web technology. The citizens have an online resource for information and convenience. Business and tourism have a good repository of information when looking to do business or take a trip to the City of Greenup and its surrounding areas.

The technology used to develop the site means that it is functional and sharp, even on mobile devices. It also will allow for the ability to expand the function of the site down the road and plug new pages and functions into it with minimal effort.


The water department now operates at a new level of efficiency when dealing with customer concerns. Work orders are delivered immediately to the field, without workers having to come back to city hall to pick up a paper copy. Supervisors can see, real-time, the status of the work orders and the progress being made.

City employees now have a searchable archive of work orders. Recurring, problematic issues can now be easily identified. Supervisors are able to manage their workforce with more fluidity than ever before.